AAK Hydraulic Valve 1 heart 2 things, unfamiliar Gomes introduced his buddy to us

Every day, I browse the emails or backend messages of new customers for hydraulic valves, and politely refuse anything that AAK cannot produce, because I don't want to waste their time. Last month, Gomes from Brazil left a message stating that they require hydraulic injection molding machines. We replied him that AAK only produces hydraulic cartridge valves, hydraulic manifolds, and hydraulic valve blocks. But Gomes sent another email saying that they need AAK's help in recommending supply source. I gave him the official website and contact person of the largest injection molding machine manufacturer in Ningbo. On the 3rd day, Gomes sent an email to thank us, he has already got into touch with the other party.

It is an easy thing for me in 2 minutes, perhaps it brings a good supplier to Gomes. This is a good thing and also a kind thing. Human good luck, also known as human destiny, comes from accumulating virtue and doing good deeds. There is a law of causality in the universe, where human words and actions are automatically recorded, forming causal events that allow us to encounter them. Doing words and deeds that benefit others will form a good cause and effect, and one will encounter good things in the future, which is what we call good luck; On the contrary, actions that harm others, through the law of causality, will form evil causality, that is, bad luck.

When I was on the front line, my colleague fell ill and I always took the initiative to pick up his work. Even if I worked overtime until midnight, I didn't complain. I feel that helping him and completing his work will bring about consequences. In the future, when my work and career encounter difficulties, for cause and effect, I will encounter someone to help me.

There are many ways to do good, and one can start with the people around them, such as showing filial piety to parents, caring for the other half, helping colleagues, friends, and even rescuing stray cats and dogs, all of which can lead to the cause and effect of good. Finally, there is a time difference from the cause to the result, and we first experience the old cause and effect that we have planted in the past. However, no effort goes in vain. As long as the cause is planted, it will inevitably bear fruit. As long as we do good deeds to help others, there will be corresponding good luck waiting for us.

The law of causality is the mechanism that forms human destiny, such as birth, wealth, marriage, and so on. Without starting from causality, simply using novel and trendy methods will not improve fate in any way.

Yesterday, Gomes from Brazil said that the injection molding machine manufacturer I recommended is very reliable, and the first order has been confirmed. He said that next week, his friend will contact AAK to inquire about hydraulic valves.

I believe in causality and have a reverence for it. AAK hydraulic valve, do good deeds, do kind deeds.

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