AAK Hydraulic Valve Block 3 Features, Peder returns after 6 months

Peder is from Greece. He purchased hydraulic valve blocks from AAK 3 years ago. He purchased hydraulic valve blocks every 3 months in the first 2 years. There are ductile iron materials, aluminum blocks and alloy steel (ZG20SiMn), which have been very smooth. But since the inquiry of a hydraulic valve block last July, there has been no news. We followed up via emails for several times but still no reply. Until last week, that's 6 months later, we received his PO for 100 hydraulic valve blocks, which was quite unexpected.

After communication, we learned that Peder sent the hydraulic valve block order to another manufacturer after inquiring about it in July last year, because the price of the hydraulic valve block is 12% cheaper than AAK. But their hydraulic manifold was complained after 6 months. The hydraulic cartridge valve was stuck due to the burr residue in the hydraulic valve block, and there were also complaints that the hole accuracy is not up to standard, and the hydraulic manifold has leakage. The original hydraulic valve block manufacturer blamed the hydraulic valve block for its complex oil channel, high processing difficulty, and difficulty in achieving 100% burr-free. The current accuracy is their limit. Peder realized that he chose a manufacturer of hydraulic valve block that is not of high quality.

Peder had to return to AAK hydraulic valve block after 6 months. Because of the AAK hydraulic valve blocks purchased before, are free of complaints. Even the complex oil circuit, the burr can be completely removed.

AAK hydraulic valve block has 3 features: no defect, no burr, and 100% accuracy. The key source is from 3 aspects:

1. When programming, use the tool magazine and tool length compensation function to make the equipment control more accurate. The processing adopts the method of one clamp and one top. The mandrel is installed on the three-jaw chuck of the CNC indexing head, the threaded hole is connected and screwed with the mandrel, and the left end is supported by the matching tailstock center to ensure that the center is coaxial with the axis of the mandrel.

2. AAK equipment for producing hydraulic valve blocks: the 5-axis machining center can automatically and continuously complete the milling, drilling, boring, tapping and other processes of the hydraulic valve block, which not only has high efficiency, but also ensures the machining accuracy of the hydraulic valve block. After processing, use a CMM to check the hole accuracy to ensure that the accuracy reaches 100%.

3. Deburr and polish without dead angle. The main shaft of the equipment can swing 360 °, and the burr can be removed no matter it stays in the cross hole of the hydraulic valve block, or the slender hole, or the blind hole. After removal, each hole shall be inspected with an industrial endoscope to ensure 100% burr-free.

AAK hydraulic valve block, 3 features. Although it is some more expensive, there are no complaints. You can also try it!



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