AAK Hydraulic Cartridge Valve is 20% more expensive, but its service life is twice as long as that of its peers. Barnaby sends 12 inquiries a day

Barnaby is from Brazil, has purchased hydraulic threaded cartridge valves in Ningbo for 5 years. He has purchased several standard parts of SUN cartridge valves from AAK. He always thinks that AAK cartridge valves are expensive. At the beginning of last year, the customer complained that their hydraulic cartridge valve, installed in the hydraulic power unit, had leaked in 6 months. The original hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer said that the seal ring structure was damaged in the assembly process, and the seal ring could only be replaced, but after 1 month, there was leakage again. Barnaby realized that the hydraulic threaded cartridge valve from this manufacturer has a service life of only 6 months. The boss is not satisfied with his purchase. There are always complaints from customers. Barnaby feels the pressure from the boss.

Barnaby emailed me in August last year: Can AAK ensure that each hydraulic threaded cartridge valve has no leakage within 1 year? After communication, we learned that he was facing difficulties in purchasing from Ningbo cartridge valve manufacturers. According to the cartridge valve manufacturers he mentioned, I admit that the price of AAK hydraulic threaded cartridge valve is about 20% higher than those of these peers. However, I guarantee that the service life of AAK hydraulic threaded cartridge valve is twice that of its peers.

Barnaby's hydraulic threaded cartridge valve has a service life of 6-8 months if it is sealed in a conventional or universal way. AAK rarely uses traditional methods but to optimize the sealing method of the original hydraulic threaded cartridge valve, which has a service life of at least 12 months. After 45 days, AAK sent 38 hydraulic thread cartridge valve samples and promised to refund the full amount of the fee if there was leakage within 12 months.

The day before yesterday, Barnaby emailed me that the customer had been using AAK hydraulic threaded cartridge valve for nearly 6 months, and there was no complaint. I told him that there would be no complaint in another 6 months, and did not say anything else. Unexpectedly, he listed 12 standard parts of SUN hydraulic thread cartridge valves yesterday for us to quote. This is an action that Barnaby has never done before.

By the way, for this type of hydraulic threaded cartridge valve, AAK sealed it as below. Most of the cartridge valve manufacturers in Ningbo do not use this sealing method or structure.

1. Selection of sealing material: The material of O-ring is made of PU polyurethane rubber sealing ring made in Japan, and the material of retaining ring is polytetrafluoroethylene. Although the cost of these materials is more than twice that of general materials, AAK insists on selecting the most durable material to ensure the service life of hydraulic threaded cartridge valves.

2. Innovation inside the valve body: the regulating and driving device of the hydraulic thread cartridge valve is installed in the valve sleeve, and the valve spool is of inverted cone structure.

3. Optimization of sealing mode and structure: the sealing ring group is composed of O-ring and retaining ring. The sealing ring group is between the valve sleeve and the valve spool, and the retaining ring is of double-sided structure. The retaining ring not only seals, but also protects the O-ring from being squeezed. With the protection, the O-ring is not easy to be deformed and damaged, and the O-ring can avoid to be cut during installation.

AAK hydraulic threaded cartridge valve, although 20% more expensive, its service life is twice as long as that of other hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers in Ningbo China. You can also try it!



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