Effectively ensuring the transmission connection between electric piles and electric vehicles

Under the current development scale, the new energy vehicle industry has developed rapidly and has been rapidly promoted nationwide. The rapid development of new energy electric vehicles has provided a good market opportunity for its supporting components (cables, charging pile gun heads, connectors, etc.) industry.

The charging cable for new energy electric vehicles is a carrier that connects electric vehicles and charging piles. The connection between the charging pile of an electric vehicle charging station and an electric vehicle can also be used for the connection between a portable electrical device and a charging power source. Its basic function is to transmit electrical energy. However, with the development of charging technology, in order to better complete the charging process, it is necessary to communicate between the electric vehicle and the charging pile, and perform automatic control when necessary. As an energy supply device for electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging piles are also important for connecting cables between charging piles and electric vehicles.

The charging pile cable is a device that ensures the connection between the charging pile and the electric vehicle. Be able to determine whether the charging connector and charging pile cable are connected correctly. The charging pile is allowed to start the charging process only after the charging connector is correctly connected to the electric vehicle battery system; When the charging pile detects an abnormal connection to the electric vehicle battery system, it immediately stops charging and sends an alarm message. This series of early warning capabilities rely entirely on the perfect connection between the charging pile and the electric vehicle. The connected charging pile cable must have the real-time interaction capability of both parties.

Both material selection and performance requirements must meet the charging requirements. The standard requirements for the future development of charging lines are based on the use safety of pure electric vehicles. The performance and safety of charging lines must be based on the selection of materials, and their designers must also consider multiple aspects. The addition of relevant flame retardant materials is also to ensure the spontaneous combustion and ignition phenomenon of new energy vehicles during charging.

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