Suggestions and Status Quo for the Use of Electric Vehicle Charging Piles

According to data sources, there are currently two types of charging piles: fast charging and slow charging. For example, other battery replacement methods account for a relatively low proportion.

The charging methods and frequencies of new energy vehicle users are divided into public charging piles, brand specific charging piles, dedicated charging piles, private charging piles, and other types of charging pile equipment. For example, there are charging operators for public charging piles, such as Telphone, Orangue Charging, State Grid, Yunkuai Charging, Wanma Ai Charging, etc., and brand specific charging pile series, such as SAIC Aiyue, Tesla, etc.

As the most important supporting facility for new energy electric vehicles, charging piles greatly affect the satisfaction of electric vehicle users with the use of new energy vehicles. As social forms gradually attach importance to electric vehicle charging products and accelerate the construction of charging facilities, some industry and user pain points remain to be resolved. Analyze and summarize the current situation of the use of charging piles from the perspective of industry and users, and summarize suggestions.

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