For high back pressure of Hydraulic Cartridge Relief Valve that the Greek manufacturer could not handle, AAK identified 2 advantages with 3 skills

Our old Greek customer, Evander, emailed me in November last year that he sent me a sample of hydraulic cartridge relief valve, and stressing that it was not his, but one of his partners, Ptolemy, and also attached Ptolemy's contact information. After receiving the sample and communicating with Ptolemy, we learned that the hydraulic cartridge relief valve was produced by a local cartridge valve manufacturer in Greek and installed in their hydraulic cylinder, which was unstable. Their engineers said that the root cause was the high back pressure of the hydraulic system and the insensitive opening of the hydraulic cartridge valve.

We can't determine the hidden dangers of the hydraulic cartridge valve just according to the original sample. I suggested Evander sending us the video of abnormal hydraulic cylinder, the drawing of hydraulic cartridge valve, and the schematic of the system. After discussing, AAK engineers advised that the problem can only be solved by reducing the opening back pressure resistance of the hydraulic cartridge valve. Perhaps because of Evander's endorsement, Ptolemy paid the development fee on the second day. I have always believed that for industrial products such as hydraulic cartridge valves, it is difficult to get the order without trust. With trust and reliable manufacturing quality, it is easy to get the order. After 40 days, AAK sent 20 samples of hydraulic cartridge valve.

Yesterday, Ptolemy emailed me that AAK hydraulic cartridge relief valve was used on the hydraulic cylinder. The prototype operated stably and the hydraulic cartridge valve opened sensitively. AAK hydraulic cartridge valve is stable and sensitive under high back pressure. We optimized the structure of the original hydraulic cartridge relief valve from 3 aspects.

1. The valve sleeve of the hydraulic cartridge relief valve has an oil inlet cavity, and the outer circle of the valve sleeve is provided with a plurality of annular through holes as oil outlet, and oblique holes are set to control the oil outlet.

2. The middle part of the main valve spool is provided with a small hole connecting the oil inlet cavity and the inclined hole, and the main valve spool can slide in the valve body to form a spring cavity that is relatively closed to the oil inlet cavity, and the spring cavity is equipped with a pressure regulating spring.

3. The left end of the valve body is installed with an adjustable rod that can be rotated and retracted and has a lock nut. The pressure regulating spring on the adjusting rod is connected to the main valve spool. The outer diameter of the right end of the valve body is provided with a sealing groove to place the sealing ring group. Two sealing grooves are set on the left side of the external thread of the valve body, and the sealing ring group is placed to seal the connection with the socket to prevent oil leakage.

The optimized AAK hydraulic cartridge relief valve equalizes the pressure difference on both sides of the valve spool through the small hole on the valve spool, reducing the back pressure resistance of the hydraulic cartridge relief valve opening. This makes it easy to open and enhances the sensitivity and stability of the hydraulic cartridge relief valve.

AAK hydraulic cartridge relief valve, with high back pressure circuit, is also sensitive and stable, you can also try it!



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