AAK Hydraulic Directional Cartridge Valve has 3 advantages, replacing its peer, and Colon has no trouble for 1 year

Colon comes from Turkey. They are distributors of HydraForce, Rexroth, Eaton, BUCHER, HAWE, and SUN hydraulics brands. They also often customize cartridge valves from overseas manufacturers. They have cooperated with AAK for 4 years. The AAK cartridge valve standard parts that benchmark SUN are loved by Colon. At the beginning of last year, Colon wanted to customize a hydraulic directional cartridge valve and expedite it.

After communication, it was learned that the hydraulic directional cartridge valve produced by the original manufacturer leaked due to the wear of the sealing ring after 6 months of use by the customer. The original manufacturer changed to use fluororubber sealing ring, but 6 months later, the old problem occurred again. The customer requested to use better sealing for the hydraulic directional cartridge valve. The original manufacturer prevaricated that the opening and closing work of the system is too frequent. No matter what material of sealing ring is used, the service life of the hydraulic direction cartridge valve can only be guaranteed for 6 months. The boss requested that the manufacturer of hydraulic directional cartridge valve be replaced, and the service life should not be less than 12 months, and the delivery time should be as fast as possible. Colon was in a hurry and came to me for help

According to his description, our engineer believed that the original manufacturer's judgment is correct. No matter what material seal ring is used, the hydraulic directional cartridge valve will have a service life no more than 6 months. Colon was a little confused: How can we explain this to the customer? 2 days later, I told Colon that replacing the sealing ring is not the only option to improve the sealing effect, but also to change the sealing method. Colon was very happy to know that AAK had an optimization plan. After 48 days, AAK sent 24 samples of hydraulic directional cartridge valves.

Yesterday, Colon emailed us and placed an order for 160 hydraulic directional cartridge valves. He told me that his boss and customer were very satisfied with AAK's customized hydraulic directional cartridge valve, which had no abnormality and leakage for 1 year. AAK hydraulic directional cartridge valve used a special PU polyurethane rubber sealing ring from Japan. At the same time, we made improvement on the structure of the sealing ring, to ensure 3 advantages: double sealing, zero leakage, and long service life. It replaced the valve produced by the original cartridge valve manufacturer, and also impressed the customer and boss.

1. The valve sleeve is connected with the valve body of the hydraulic directional cartridge valve by screwing. The first sealing device is set at the connection, equipped with L-shaped rubber gasket, and connected with the valve body by clamping. Most cartridge valve manufacturers dare not use these 2 connection methods.

2. The poppet spool of the hydraulic directional cartridge valve is inserted and connected with the valve sleeve by inlay. The right side of the poppet spool has a spring seat. The spring is connected with the poppet spool and the spring seat through penetration.

3. There is a second sealing device at the bottom of the thread at one end of the valve body of the hydraulic directional cartridge valve, which is connected with the valve body by clamping. There is a second sealing ring at the outside of the connecting clamp, and the other end of the valve body is also connected with the cover plate by screwing.

AAK hydraulic directional cartridge valve, double seal, zero leakage, long service life, no trouble in purchasing, you can also customize it!



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