AAK Hydraulic Cartridge Relief Valve, helped Monroe promoted to purchase manager

Monroe is from Turkey, and has cooperated with AAK for 3 years. He purchases cartridge valves equivalent to HydraForce standard parts 3-5 times a year. Some time ago, he emailed me to ask: Can you customize non-standard parts of hydraulic cartridge relief valve? I was a little surprised because there was no inquiry for non-standard cartridge valves in the past 3 years. After communication, it was learned that the hydraulic cartridge relief valve used in one of their hydraulic cylinders encountered a problem. The vibration of the oil cylinder was severe, and the problem came from the hydraulic cartridge relief valve, which was slow in response to overload and overflow. This cartridge relief valve was customized from a hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer in Ningbo. The manufacturer had optimized it twice, but the improvement was not obvious.

I asked him if as long as the hydraulic cartridge relief valve is sensitive to overload and overflow, it can solve the problem of cylinder jitter. I was just afraid to waste his sample time. After getting the approval of their engineer, according to his system schematic diagram and the original drawing of the hydraulic cartridge relief valve, AAK engineer judged that after change the pilot function of the original hydraulic cartridge relief valve, it can react sensitively. After 35 days, AAK sent 8 samples of hydraulic cartridge relief valves.

During the CNY, he sent us a PO of 280 hydraulic cartridge relief valves. He said that the cylinder fitted with AAK hydraulic cartridge relief valve very well, and did not shake. The customer was very satisfied with the trial of the cylinder, and placed the order with them for the cylinder. AAK hydraulic cartridge relief valve is sensitive to overload and overflow. The key is that we have made 3 breakthroughs in valve spool, seat structure and sealing. The optimized AAK hydraulic cartridge relief valve strengthens the pilot function, and can directly push the valve spool to release pressure without opening the pilot structure first. In the overload of hydraulic cartridge relief valve, the overflow action is more direct and sensitive.

1. Change the through-hole of the oil replenishing valve spool of the hydraulic cartridge relief valve to be larger than the cross-sectional area of the valve seat opening, and the oil replenishing valve spool and the overflow valve spool are arranged coaxially, and the pressure regulating screw is connected with the pressure regulating lock nut through the thread.

2. One end of the oil inlet of the valve seat is connected with the rear through-hole of the oil filling valve spool, and is equipped with a sealing ring and a spring.

3. The left end of the valve seat is the clamping part, the middle and front parts are the plug-in parts which are similar to the cylinder structure, the front part and its side have overflow outlet and overflow inlet, and there are seal ring grooves between the two ports.

After finalizing the purchase contract of this hydraulic cartridge relief valve, Monroe told me privately today that he was promoted to the purchase manager by his boss, and he also got a raise in salary. He has more confidence in the purchase of the cartridge valves.

AAK hydraulic cartridge relief valve, is also sensitive to overload and overflow. You can also try it!



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