A small story enlightened AAK Hydraulic Cartridge Valve, and come out of the sense of lose

A few days ago, there was a perplexing problem. A Russian customer who had cooperated for more than 5 years, confirmed an order for 1,600 hydraulic cartridge valves, but the payment had been always pending. This situation never happened. I was not in a good mood, and a bit frustrated.

Today, I'm a little free. I want to think about the source of the sense of the lose. Of course, people will not have the sense of lose without reason. It must be something or someone that triggered my mood. At work, we usually focus on the person who triggers our emotions. There are several ways. One way is to settle him and let him follow our example, but it is usually impossible. Another way is to settle yourself. Go to find the source of this emotion, and then deal with it at this source, but it is difficult to completely deal with it.

Suddenly I thought of a little story I saw the other day. A man was driving a boat in the river. There was another boat opposite him. He was about to crash into it. He shouted to go away. But no one on the opposite boat paid attention to him. He shouted again, but was still ignored. After crashed into it, when he was about to scold, he found that it was an empty ship and there was no one.

What is the biggest inspiration of this little story? It shows me that this emotion is what I have originally, and others just ignite this emotion. For example, pain, happiness, joy, and sadness, these are the emotions that we originally have, or the emotions shared by the human collective. I have them, and you also have them. What we really experience is the feeling after these experiences. In fact, this feeling is also part of our work. We should be happy when we listen to the promise from others, but don't take it too seriously. The advantage of this is that you are grateful if the others kept the promise; You won't be too disappointed if the other broke the promise. The PO of the hydraulic cartridge valves was received but not paid. Maybe the customer had his difficulties.

Happiness or sadness, it is the mode that has been set in the game of life. I can't stop the arrival of these emotions, nor can I stop their departure. We are just the hostels where these emotions temporarily reside. In this way, there may be no need to tangle, because the emotion itself will come and go. Speaking of this, there seems to be a little pessimism or inaction. Just lie flat and let your emotions come and go.

How did I get out of the sense of the loss? If there is a bunch of carrots hanging in front of the donkey, the donkey wants to eat that carrot, but it doesn't seem to be able to eat it. In front of our work or life, there is also a bunch of carrots, it is the feeling of hope, also a source of happiness of our work and life. So the most important thing is not what the hope is, but to enjoy the feeling and have the feeling of hope. At this time, I understand the expectation AAK hydraulic cartridge valve brings to customers and the trust from customers behind it.

AAK, a hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer in China, has hope, has trust.


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