We media of AAK Hydraulic Cartridge Valve, Turkey customer who have cooperated for 6 years to learn from

With more cooperation with customers, no matter what country they come from, or what mother tongue they speak, or what personality they have, they naturally influence and pay attention to each other. A few days ago, Lim, an American customer who has cooperated for 11 years, came to learn from the experience that "AAK has no peers". Today, Raheem, from Turkey, who has cooperated for 6 years, is also paying attention to we media of AAK Hydraulic Valves. He also wants to try.

AAK Hydraulic Valve has been doing We-media for 2 years. My feeling is that we must not underestimate We-media. From the beginning to the present, AAK Hydraulic Valve has been updated and original, recording and disseminating cases of AAK hydraulic valve solving difficult and complicated problems for customers. Although the current short video is also very popular, AAK Hydraulic Valve self-media still hasn't given up.

As a hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer, AAK has only six or seven office employees, we need two people to engage in We-media. A large proportion of people who make hydraulic valves are engaged in the work of We-media. In the current era, to be honest, the power of we-media is imaginable. It is difficult for others to understand his creativity in the position of we-media. Others always think that you have no value in writing an article.

We media is the most efficient creation of AAK Hydraulic Valve. Although it is very virtual, it has no input, equipment and actual output, but it is a window for an enterprise to solve the future sustainable development. From the perspective of trust, promotion and customer connection, it is actually inseparable from this.

If we don't insist on doing this, AAK Hydraulic Valve can never reach the current level, and our tentacles can never be extended so widely. Every continent has our customers, and our hydraulic cartridge valves are supplied to most countries with manufacturing industries. The density of the net formed by it is constantly increasing, so that AAK Hydraulic Valve can take the initiative. Instead of looking for customers everywhere and sending development letters to customers everywhere, customers come to us with this trust.

In business, there is a game between the two sides of cooperation. The one who has the initiative and the one who has the trust will go ahead. From the perspective of harvest, it is not only about the operation of hydraulic valve enterprises, but also about thinking. It is more important to realize the cognition brought to us by human growth, as well as the iteration and force of cognition, as well as the influence of informatization. Everyone of AAK Hydraulic Valve has improved their cognition, thus improving the overall cognition of AAK. In this way, I regard Internet We-media as the ecology of your personal growth and enterprise growth.

AAK Hydraulic Valve is built on its our quality. It does not make small moves. It keeps a diary every day. It is to bear the customer's trust in AAK.


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