AAK Hydraulic Cartridge Relief Valve 3 advantages, Eugene had to give up the original manufacturer

After CNY, most of the hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers in Ningbo started work on January 30. Because of the epidemic, many of us haven't returned to our hometown for 3 years, so AAK hydraulic cartridge valve started 3 days late, and also delayed answering the messages of some new customers in the CNY period. I reply to target new customers or new customers with clear messages first.

Eugene, from Greece, left a message asking: How to solve the problems of unstable pressure regulation and squealing of hydraulic cartridge relief valve? After communication, it was learned that one of their hydraulic power units failed in the test run. The engineer found that the hydraulic cartridge relief valve was unstable in pressure regulation and there was a howl. This hydraulic cartridge relief valve was customized from a cartridge valve manufacturer in Ningbo, China. After the manufacturer modified it, it still failed to pass the test and the manufacturer gave up. Eugene saw AAK hydraulic valve in Google and left a message on our website.

According to the analysis of the original hydraulic cartridge relief valve drawing and system schematic diagram, AAK engineers found that as long as the impact of the hydraulic system on the valve is reduced, it can not only avoid whistling, but also stabilize the pressure. Eugene didn't seem to believe that and needed us to give specific solution. Our engineer didn't recommend them to customers. He worried that customer will give our solutions to the original manufacturer to make improvements. I know the processing technology of the original manufacturer. Even if they know this solution, it is not sure to carry it out successful.

AAK planned to optimize the original hydraulic cartridge relief valve in this way: As long as the processing accuracy is in place, the optimized hydraulic cartridge relief valve can isolate the oil inlet and return port when the system pressure is lower than the set pressure of the spring. When the system pressure exceeds the set pressure of the spring, the valve spool can be connected with the oil inlet and return port. The 3 advantages of stable voltage regulation, small impact and no vibration are reflected.

1. The hydraulic cartridge relief valve sleeve is equipped with large and small holes. The valve spool is installed in the small hole and plays a guiding role for the valve spool, so that the valve spool is more stable. The large hole is equipped with an elastic member seat, an elastic member and an adjusting rod, and the elastic member connects the adjusting rod and the upper elastic member seat.

2. An annular oil return hole is arranged outside the elastic member seat. An inclined hole for oil inlet is arranged on the outside of the valve spool.

3. The valve spool adopts the structure of slide valve, so the valve spool is not easy to deflect. A conical surface is machined in the middle of the valve spool, the valve sleeve is pressed on the conical surface, and the sealing line of the entire hydraulic cartridge relief valve is also on the conical surface.

It seems that, as our engineer said, Eugene has no news after he got our specific plan. I was also ridiculed by the engineer that I believe too much in people, and will suffer in business. A week later, on February 10 today, Eugene's emailed us to start making samples and he will pay the fee immediately.

AAK hydraulic cartridge relief valve has stable pressure regulation, small impact and no vibration. You can also try it!



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