AAK Hydraulic Cartridge Valve talked about 3 topics with ChatGPT, and got 6 views

Recently, ChatGPT is so hot that the system can't bear the surging traffic. Last November, after ChatGPT went online, Paul Buchheit from Gmail predicted that Google would be overturned in 1 or 2 years, based on the fact that technological progress would change the way people access information.

These days, I try ChatGPT every day. I use 3 kinds of titles to ask ChatGPT for help to generate 800-word articles.

1. Title of information or data: common problems and maintenance methods of hydraulic cartridge valves.

2. The title of personalized category: AAK Hydraulic Manifolds, based on 3 points, has attracted 3 types of customers.

3. Title of the innovation category: After 4 proofing and 3 material changes were made, AAK was awarded a big order of cartridge valves by HydraForce finally

According to the generated content of the article and my superficial feeling, to say something negative first:

1. The selling points and purchase reasons of AAK hydraulic cartridge valves must be refined and organized by professional 5-know people who understand cartridge valves.

2. The hydraulic cartridge valve article written by ChatGPT is basically correct nonsense, except for information or data.

3. The creativity of human brain on hydraulic cartridge valve is infinite, and ChatGPT's creativity on hydraulic cartridge valve still needs data accumulation.

Then say something positive:

1.100% can write general articles instead of some liberal arts students because it is armed by "machine learning".

2. It is helpful and even forward-looking for writing articles about consumer goods and consumables (such as beverages, bread, etc.).

3. You know the content, but the expression is very stiff. ChatGPT can help you overcome it, not only smooth, but also more orderly.

The arrival of ChatGPT can't be said to be subversive, at least it will change the way of search engines. Because no matter what proposition it is, it needs preconditions.

1. For example, brand and trust depend on what kind of products. Cheap things should be branded, and expensive things should be trusted. Drinks should have brands and hydraulic cartridge valves should have trust.

2. For example, cognition and skills, which is important? The prerequisite is that you are an elite or a grassroots. The gap between grass roots and grass roots is not cognition, but skills to make money. The gap between the elite and the elite is not the skill, but the perception of making money.

3. Does copywriting emphasize the importance of tone or product? The prerequisite is that you are a big brand or a grassroots. Nike shoes can say Just do it. They are qualified not to talk about products, but to talk about realm. Grassroots say Just do it, how many people do you think will pay? Believe it or not, I don't believe it.

No matter ChatGPT, or subversive technology, they both need preconditions. Good people see good things, and shameless people see shameless things. Those who engage in the manufacturing of hydraulic cartridge valves, only do well themselves, embrace new technologies, be kind and work hard.

AAK, a hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer in China, do business with mindfulness, make friends with good intentions.



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