AAK is not only a company for Hydraulic Valves in the future, but a technology company that fluid controls on flow, pressure and directional

In any manufacturing industry, there is no tomorrow if without innovation. AAK Hydraulic Valve put forward the idea of "pioneering innovation" at the technical internal meeting in 2022.

When it comes to technological innovation, everyone will think of chips first. In fact, every industry has technology and innovation. Innovative technology has never been the purpose. The user is the purpose. It was, will be and will always be. Only by focusing hearts on users, and eyes on technology can we make "pioneering innovation" products from the bottom logic.

What is "pioneering innovation"? People imitate bird flight and make bigger and more suitable wings for humans. Is it innovation? Of course. But, after all, it can't fly to the sky. Can't fly from Shanghai to Beijing with flashing wings.

The end of imitation is to be the other side. But as a result, we can only approach the other side. Not even close. What can we do? Don't observe how the bird can fly to the sky, but gain insight into why it can fly to the sky. Then, man found the essential law of flight that the bird itself did not know: aerodynamics, and finally invented the airplane. This is pioneering innovation.

It's interesting and reasonable. Asking, how can hydraulic valves, hydraulic manifolds and hydraulic valve blocks be "pioneering innovation"? Are these things too hard to "open up"? Of course, it can. Just like the essence of an airplane flying into the sky is not wings, but aerodynamics. Wings are just one way. The essence of hydraulics is not valve, manifold or block, but the fluid control of "flow, pressure and direction". From these 3 points, innovation will never end.

The lighting company said that we are not a company that designs "lamps", but a company that designs "lights". Lamp is not the essence, but light. The shape, size and material of lamps should not be the subject of research by lamp companies; Luminaire companies should study color temperature, hue and light and shadow coordination. Lamp companies should not see the lamps, but light. The same is true for hydraulic valves. AAK is not a hydraulic valve company. Our future is a fluid flow control technology company, a fluid pressure control technology company, and a fluid directional control technology company.

Jobs said that market research often can only reflect the current situation, not predict the future. The key is to start from the heart and make good products. Why? Because the needs of users have never changed.

The user demand of the hydraulic industry is how to control the hydraulic system of the equipment more quickly, stably and accurately. No matter how much of research, it will not change. It hasn't changed for thousands of years. If you ask user how he expect to improve the hydraulic valves, the hydraulic manifolds and the valve blocks, it is not a survey, but regard the user as a "product manager". The user does not know how to improve these hydraulic components, nor does he need to know. These are the responsibilities of our hydraulic valve manufacturers.

AAK Hydraulic Valve, keeps paying attention to the progress of science and technology, starting from the essence and opening up innovation.

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