The only way out for AAK Hydraulic Valve, is to rush all the way

Last time, a young man came to AAK Hydraulic Valve for interview. He told me: I want to do a big thing, but I always feel like I can do nothing. He has no social resources, is not graduated from famous universities, and his major is also average. This is equivalent to saying that I do not have core competitiveness, but also want results. Why? The world is progressing because a group of people have paid more sweat.

Some hydraulic valve manufacturers always want to find a way to win with one shot, and win big orders, but are not willing to spend energy to really build their core competitiveness. Making money by opportunity dividend does not mean having core competitiveness. At the beginning of e-commerce, many hydraulic valve manufacturers sold hydraulic valves online. When the flow came, they could earn money. However, this is not the core competitiveness of hydraulic valve manufacturers, but just an opportunity. Making money by chance dividend does not mean you have core competitiveness. There is no one way to win in this world. We must be down-to-earth, especially in the manufacturing industry with quality requirements such as hydraulic valves.

Core competence has 3 key words. How to distinguish the peers of AAK Hydraulic Valve from the 3 key words?

1. Relativity, also known as differentiation, is what you have but others don't.

For example, AAK has procedures for hydraulic cartridge valves of HydraForce standard and SUN Hydraulics standard parts, and AAK can ship in the quantity of 1 pc.

2.Non-replicability. The core technology is developed by investing a lot of money in the early stage. They are not replicable. For example, AAK Hydraulic Valve has found out a three-step steel heat treatment process by itself.

3. It can bring advantages.

You are a hydraulic valve engineer. You say you are very handsome. This is not an advantage in the hydraulic valve industry. It may be an advantage to play movies. AAK Hydraulic Valve, whether for standard parts of big brands, or customized parts of hydraulic valves required by niche market; Whether the sample is copied or the structure is optimized, it plays well.

Core competitiveness is the fundamental reason for manufacturing industry to win customers. As a hydraulic valve manufacturer in the manufacturing industry, why should we have core competitiveness? Difference + advantage + non-duplication, which will bring you high-quality customers and long-term profits. Maybe some people advocate that choice is more important than effort. But I want to say that when the economy goes down, relative competition becomes more important.

The core competitiveness is about equal to the barrier, that is, the moat. Warren Buffett, the god of stocks, said: "If you want to obtain excess profits, you must dig a moat for your company." The moat, to be honest, is very difficult to dig. But once it is built, it will be very deep and solid. And eventually it will grow and become wider and wider. With a moat, you can stay in the city wall, keep your advantage, and others want to enter, but can't enter. Elon Musk, of Tesla, advocates running all the way. If you run fast enough, the person behind you will not climb over the barrier, but it will not touch you at all. Similarly, it has irreplicability.

For every grass root, the most important way is to run. If the competitors are excellent, the only way is to run faster and faster. Running + barriers is the core competitiveness. The fierce competition is the script of the powerful faction. The script has been written long ago. There is no way to win with one move in this world. You must be down-to-earth and run all the way.

AAK Hydraulic Valve, down-to-earth, runs all the way.

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