AAK Hydraulic Valve, 1 absorbent root, 2 legs walking

A customer asked me, is AAK Hydraulic Valve tweeting for flow? AAK Hydraulic Valve is not for traffic, but for trust. The rain is so heavy that it does not moisten the grass without roots. Although the rain is heavy, if there is no root to absorb the rain and dew, the grass and trees will not only be moisturized, but may also be submerged. What AAK Hydraulic Valve needs to do is not to ask how much rain it can rain, but to focus on its own water absorption root.

Ask how much it can rain, which means how much traffic it can have. What is traffic? In the Google search, enter the hydraulic valve manufacturer, and the customers of the hydraulic valves brush it again and again, which is the traffic. There are also many ways to engage in traffic, such as keywords setting, optimization of advertising, return on investment, click cost, display cost, etc. The core is: the higher the price, the better. The price keeps rising until the "flow dividend" disappears. The rain finally became a high-priced tap water that paid for when it was used and stopped when it was not paid.

What should I do? I began to ask, what is the foothold of AAK Hydraulic Valve? AAK Hydraulic Valve attracts new customers with trust, and win the repurchase rate with manufacturing quality. These are the two legs of AAK Hydraulic Valve.

But what about the repurchase rate? In the past, without the Internet, how did AAK Hydraulic Valve at the end of the street come to today step by step? That's because people who have bought AAK hydraulic valves think it's good. They can't help buying it next time. This is the "repurchase rate". One day, when a people heard that a friend needed a hydraulic valve, he could not help recommending AAK. This is the "recommendation rate". The recommended person, because of the good experience, will generate new repurchase rate and recommendation rate, and then the recommended person follows the way. Finally, the re-purchase rate and recommendation rate are rising, and the return rate is getting lower and lower. The name AAK has become a root that can absorb water. But if you really want to have a root that can absorb water, it is not enough to have only repurchase rate and recommendation rate. The most important thing is trust.

What is trust? To purchase hydraulic valve, click search engine in Google search. Guess whether he will input "hydraulic valves, hydraulic valve manufacturers, China hydraulic valve manufacturers" or "AAK hydraulic valves"? This difference is huge. If he is searching for "hydraulic valves", then guess whether the money you spend is the highest bidding price under this keyword. If he searches for "AAK hydraulic valves", then at this time, the natural search results are almost only AAK. So you don't have to participate in the auction at all. Pick and choose, or you. This is trust. Finally, everyone began to realize that the brand building that seemed to be a waste of money is not only worthless, but also directly determines your life and death. When consumers look for "AAK hydraulic valves", you are born. If consumers only look for "hydraulic valves" forever, you will almost die. What's more interesting is that the more sellers who know how to search for keywords, the more they like business flow, the more they will benefit from business flow, and the more they will ignore whether they have water absorption roots. Finally, it is swallowed by traffic.

AAK Hydraulic Valve walks on two legs, focusing on its own water absorption root.

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