The leakage of Hydraulic Cartridge Flow Control Valve caused by spring was solved by AAK from 3 points

Adam, an old American hydraulic customer, sent AAK 3 emails consecutively on the same day last month, for the leakage of a hydraulic cartridge flow control valve. According to the picture he sent, the hydraulic cartridge flow control valve has a cut-off plate that is supported by a spring. Some customer complained that the hydraulic cartridge flow valve leaked without working. The original manufacturer of the hydraulic cartridge flow control valve cannot solve the problem in 3 months. Because the sales volume of this hydraulic cartridge flow control valve is very good, Adam wants it 100% no complaints.

Through the pictures, it is difficult to trace the cause. I suggested Adam send us 3 samples of the original hydraulic cartridge flow control valves. After we received and checked the samples, we found that the leakage was more serious if we pressurized, but the tightness of the cut-off plate was no problem. We adjusted the spring, and the first pressurization did not leak, but after 3 times, the leakage occurred. It was basically judged that the spring has hidden danger. After the spring tension test, it was found that the spring is abnormal.

2 days later, we informed Adam of the hidden danger of the spring, and at the same time, we replaced the internal springs of the 3 hydraulic cartridge flow control valves with AAK springs, and returned the samples to him. 2 weeks later, Adam sent a PO for this hydraulic cartridge flow control valve, with a value of more than 30,000 dollars, and told us that the 3 returned samples were tested for 5 pressurizations, and no leakage was found, and the operating efficiency of the hydraulic system was also improved by nearly 10%. Adam privately ridiculed himself. He has been engaged in the hydraulic valve market for so many years, but still has to ask for help from AAK when there is a problem that he cannot solve.

The main reason why AAK can effectively solve the leakage problem caused by springs, is to ensure the following 3 points:

1. We have our own spring source that has cooperated with us for 10 years, to avoid the phenomenon of unequal material between the sample and the production spring, and ensure the quality.

2. Equipped with spring tension and compression tester, reasonably select the spring with elastic coefficient within the standard range, to avoid leakage caused by elastic coefficient deformation.

3. A quality inspection department to ensure that the quality is qualified during assembly and prevent leakage.

AAK hydraulic cartridge flow control valve, 3-step check on the spring, zero leakage, welcome to try!



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