Promote the use of charging piles to solve problems

Nowadays, different countries are promoting the use of electric vehicles, but there is no charging station near the community or housing. How can we solve this problem?
According to the policy of different regions, the charging station needs to comply with various requirements and implement arrangements. Find the area near the map, and there will be 1 or 2 new energy electric vehicle charging stations that meet the requirements.
There are two kinds of charging methods, fast charging and slow charging. For fast charging of 8kw~10kw, cables and charging connectors need high requirements; Slow charging is simple. Within 20 meters, more than one flat section can ensure safety. In this way, the community or housing requires a power distribution station. As long as your parking space is close to the basement, pull a cable that meets the requirements, communicate with the electrical engineer for handling, and connect a meter switch socket.
The average power consumption of new energy electric vehicles is 15 kilowatt-hours per hundred kilometers, and the slow charging power is 1.5 kw. The battery life can be increased by 100 kilometers after 10 hours of charging, and the charging can be completed from night to morning. Of course, the household usually does not drive more than 50 kilometers per day, which is enough for household use.
Of course, the specifications of different electric vehicle charging products will vary. If you want to know more about charging cables or other products, please visit or understand :


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