Current status of standardization of cables for vehicle use

In response to the above-mentioned challenges and requirements for high-voltage cables for electric vehicle applications, there is a need for new cable standards to meet the needs of suppliers, wire harness manufacturers, and host plants.
This work is being carried out by the Working Group on Automotive Cables of the Electrical and Electronic Sub-Technical Committee of the International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee on Road Vehicles (ISO/TC 22/SC 3/WG4).
As can be seen on ISO 6722, the standard based on the common 60 V cable was revised to meet the needs of 600 V cables. Because most of its requirements are still very general, but often do not take into account the special design required for high-voltage cables. ISO 14572 has been similarly revised. Standardization of high-voltage cables by voltages higher than 600V is a subject of various working groups. The standard number is ISO 6722, etc.
Among other things, SAE will adapt the current high-voltage (rated 600 V) specification SAE J1654 to the requirements of high-voltage cables and cover rated voltages from 600 to 1000 V. The newly created yet-to-be-published standard SAE J2840 will be defined as a shielded type of cable.
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