Electric vehicle charging mode impact role analysis

With the widespread use of electric vehicles in today's society, in which the electric vehicle about charging power demand will have an impact on the power grid, the charging cable material determines the characteristics of the product role performance. Through the study of professional and technical personnel, the description of the role of the grid and electric vehicle connection is given. It accurately reflects the characteristics of electric vehicle charging and discharging, and makes analysis and judgment for the role of electric vehicle influence.
With the increase of charging environment, we need to determine the charging mode used. As different cables can carry different current sizes, four standards can be selected in the charging mode, namely charging mode one, charging mode two, charging mode three and charging mode four.
Electric vehicles are vehicles powered by on-board power, driven by electric motors, and meet the requirements of road traffic and safety regulations. Therefore, it is used as "electric". It is because its energy source is the battery rather than petroleum products such as gasoline. Generally, high-efficiency rechargeable batteries or fuel cells are used as the power source. Electric vehicles do not need to use internal combustion engines. This is an advancement in the era of automobiles. Of course, there are different requirements cables for using different modes by charging mode to provide energy source for EV.
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