The selection of cable current protector in charging pile

In recent years, the explosive growth of the number of new energy electric vehicles, the construction scale of its supporting facilities charging piles also expanded.
Among them, the technical issues of charging device equipment, such as protectors, control boxes, etc. are introduced. Residual Current Operated Protective Devices (RCD), as a kind of leakage protector, is widely used in low-voltage power distribution systems to prevent electric shock accidents, leakage damage to electrical equipment and electrical fires. RCDs are also widely used as a basic electrical protection device in the field of electric vehicle charging.
There are four modes of electric vehicle charging, which are clearly described in GB/T 18487.1-2015 "Electric Vehicle Conductive Charging System Part 1: General Requirements". Mode 1 uses a charging connection cable to connect the EV to the AC grid, with residual current protection relying on the residual current protection device (RCD) in the building's distribution box. CPD has internal residual current detection protection; Mode 3 uses a dedicated power supply device to connect the EV directly to the AC grid, and a control guidance device is installed on the dedicated power supply device, which is the AC charging post; Mode 4 uses a DC power supply device with control guidance when connecting the EV to the AC grid or the DC grid, which is the DC charging post. Here, we mainly discuss the selection of residual current protector in mode three and mode four charging piles.
In GB/T 18487.1-2015, it is required that the residual current protector for AC-powered equipment should be type A or type B, in accordance with the relevant requirements of GB 14084.2-2008, GB 16916.1-2014 and GB 22794-2008. As shown in Figure 1, the schematic diagram of the charging mode 3 control guide circuit is shown, and the residual current protector is installed inside the power supply equipment.
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