Choosing a charging cable type for everyday charging patterns

Today, every electric vehicle user uses charging post cables with rising frequency. The cables carry the transmission of charging current and are concerned with the safety of the charging process. Regarding the selection of electric vehicle charging cables, as the charging environment increases, we need to determine the charging mode used, which also depends on the size of the charging current since different cables can carry different current sizes.
Charging mode 1: This mode uses a common CEE plug connected to single-phase utility, common selection of 10A and 16A rated current cable. For example, Aumig cable manufacturer in this mode can be selected is 3 * 1.5 square cable, 3 * 2.5 square cable, etc..
The combination of charging mode 2 is single-headed charging gun + cable + control box + plug connected to single-phase utility, compared to mode 1 more controllers, complete protection measures, with overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, over temperature, leakage cut-off protection. Used a common CEE plug connected to a single-phase utility, common options 10A/16A rated current and 16A/32A rated current cable. For example, Aumig is selected in this model to use 3*2.5+2*0.75 cable at 10A/16A rated current and 3*4.0+2*0.75 cable at 16A/32A rated current.
As a regular choice for real-life use of EV charging cables, charging mode II is generally used as the standard for reference types, and of course, charging mode III and charging mode IV will be promoted and applied in the market with the development of technology in the era.
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