The right way to handle electric vehicle charging

Making charging convenient for electric vehicle users and promoting the development of the new energy industry
Nowadays, with the new energy policy change, there are many new energy electric cars on the road. The car as the most common means of transportation, because the car can facilitate the daily travel of the general public.
High-quality development continues to achieve new results; to promote high-quality development, we must cross two hurdles, one is to crack the painful and difficult problems in the current operation, to achieve steady progress in operation; the second is to actively promote quality change, efficiency change, power change, to enhance the sustainable development capacity for the future.
For example: pure electric bus, at 22:00 to 5:00 the next day the charging valley peak time period can be filled, fully charged range can reach about 200 kilometers, according to the normal in the city road running line can be a day round trip about 3, 4 times. This allows the development of urban public transport to be convenient and fast, to promote the new energy market forward; for the convenience of the masses to travel. At the same time, electric vehicles as a conventional family travel convenience, many times on the charging time and electric buses similar to the night or charging valley time period can be filled.
Of course, a good connector with a quality charging cable will be more effective in the process of replenishing the transmission of electricity. This is an electric vehicle charging cable manufacturer, OMG (OMG) is committed to become a world-class provider of new energy vehicle cable solutions. The company's high-quality development continues to achieve new results, translated into Dongfeng people's technical confidence, product confidence, brand confidence, value confidence.
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