New achievements in the development of electric vehicles

How to view the general trend and the overall situation of the automobile industry, which has not changed in a century? We need to be firm in high-quality development, adhere to the corporate mission of "Let cars drive dreams", and adhere to the values of "quality, wisdom, and harmony".
The development of electric vehicles is both an opportunity and a challenge. It is proposed to realize green, low-carbon and sustainable energy development for the current and future. First, technological breakthrough, which has improved the level of industrialization. The charging and changing facilities have been continuously constructed, and the world's largest charging facility network has been built. The vehicle electricity separation mode is also accelerating innovation, and the power station has begun to play a role.
Electric vehicles are an important part of the energy transformation. To achieve green and low-carbon sustainable development, we must have a better understanding of the current situation, experience, practices, development needs, potential and policies of the electric vehicle industry, so as to better understand the current development trend and lay a good foundation for future cooperation.
The opportunity is that at present, more than 20% of global emissions come from the transportation industry. To reduce the use of fossil energy, we need to use more clean energy, which increases the demand for electric vehicles. This is a very important opportunity for investors. In particular, many Southeast Asian countries want to develop domestic clean energy and renewable energy, which is a very important potential market for electric vehicles in the future.
The challenge lies in two aspects. On the one hand, technology and services. The battery demand of electric vehicles is increasing year by year, so it is necessary to accelerate the development of battery technology and key material technology. At the same time, electric vehicle services are also very important, such as charging services, battery replacement services, etc., which need more positive actions to support. On the other hand, we should consider the security and affordability of the supply chain.
To meet these challenges and gradually develop fossil energy towards renewable energy, countries need to make more deployment and arrangements in electric vehicles and related supporting industries. For example, the # manufacturer of electric vehicle connecting harness can develop energy sustainably through research and development of new products and projects. More support is needed in electric vehicles and related industries.


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