Selection principle of EV charging cable in charging mode 3 and charging mode 4

Under the IEC62196-2 standard, there are four charging modes for electric vehicles according to the charging infrastructure and the connection method of charging cables. Since charging mode 3 is a common charging option on the market, charging mode 4 is a common choice for fast charging , so focus on these two charging modes.
For charging mode 3, there are two common connection scenarios:
1. Charging mode 3 Connection mode 1
In charging mode 3, electric vehicles are charged through conventional or wall-mounted AC charging piles. Connection method B requires an AC double-ended charging gun, one end of which is a charging plug, which is connected to the vehicle socket. The other end is the power supply plug, which is connected to the power supply socket at the pile end.
2, charging mode 3 connection mode 2
Connection mode C The AC charging gun is fixed on the charging pile, and there is only one plug: the vehicle plug, which is used to connect to the vehicle socket.
The common output currents of charging piles in this mode are 16A, 32A, three-phase 32A, three-phase 63A, three-phase 125A, corresponding to the specifications of the selected cables: OMG 3*4.0+2*0.75 cable, OMG 3*6.0+2*0.75 cable, OMG 5*6.0+2*0.75 cable, OMG 5*16+2*0.75 cable, OMG 5*35+2*0.75 cable.
Charging mode 4 selection principle of charging cable
This charging mode is direct current (DC) charging. Since high-power charging is involved, the safety requirements are higher. The charging gun in this mode needs to be fixed on the charging pile to connect to the DC vehicle socket. The output current of this mode is 80A, 125A, 200A, 250A, the corresponding charging cable can be equipped with OMG 2*20+25+2*4.0+6*0.75 cable, OMG 2*35+25+2*4.0+6*0.75 Cable, OMG 2*50+25+2*4.0+6*0.75 cable, OMG 2*80+25+2*4.0+6*0.75 cable.
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