Shielding structure design and function of charging pile charging cable?

The electric vehicle charging pile cable is the carrier connecting the electric vehicle and the charging pile, and plays the role of power transmission. Usually, in order to better complete the whole charging process, the charging cable also needs to control the charging action, and feedback the status information of the vehicle power battery to the charging pile in real time for interaction.
The safety of electric vehicles has become the focus of the industry, so higher requirements have been placed on the charging lines of electric vehicles. In order to prevent and reduce external electromagnetic interference, the cable is sometimes shielded, so what is the function of its shielding design structure?
1. The shielded cable has metal mesh and film, and each pair of conductors of the shielded twisted pair cable (STP) is wrapped with foil to reduce radiation, and then wrapped again to provide double protection.
2. The shielded cable and the shielded crystal head can effectively prevent the electromagnetic radiation interference of other high-power electrical appliances and strong power sources around, and greatly reduce the bit error rate of signal transmission.
3. Shielded cable can reduce interference, but its installation needs to be equipped with special connectors that support shielding function and corresponding installation technology.
4. Shielded cables can only be used when the entire cable has shielding devices and both ends are properly grounded, so the laying of shielded cables requires the entire system to be shielded devices, including cables, sockets, crystal heads, wiring racks, building A good grounding system is required.
5. Since shielded cable is very useful in any environment with a high potential for electronic interference, it can be used in radio station cable assemblies and airport cable assemblies.
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