The charging field market for the development of new energy vehicles

With the development of the electric vehicle field, the cable technology industry has achieved technological breakthroughs with the development. Charging piles are essential for electric vehicle charging, and standard technology charging cables have the answer between charging piles and electric vehicles.
OMG EV charging cable is an industrial company specializing in the production of new energy electric vehicle cables and accessories. As the company with the largest domestic share of new energy vehicle conduction products in China last year, it will continue to increase investment in research and development, and strive to be a world leader. New energy vehicle conduction products, adhere to the corporate mission: green innovation - for the benefit of mankind!
Previously, the charging cables on the market were dominated by European standards and American standards, while the domestic national standard electric vehicle charging cables were still in the development stage.
Of course, it is practical and in line with the user experience. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, new energy electric vehicles are lacking in battery life and charging efficiency. However, in the future technical means, through the R&D and production stage, will be able to obtain new The charging technology cable is improved to meet the needs of new energy electric vehicle users. For example, whether it is to increase the voltage platform of the whole vehicle or increase the amount of current transmitted by the charging pile, it is necessary to put forward higher requirements on the electrical conductivity characteristics of the cable.
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