Can I use my own cable with an EV charging point?

certainly. The car charger can be used with no problem while charging. We can do the same when traveling.
Choosing top-quality charging cables and charging connectors requires finding a reliable supplier or car manufacturer with guaranteed EV charging.
For the requirements of the charging wire, there are factors such as specifications, models, and quality requirements. In terms of the specifications and low resistance of the wires, the requirements for the wires need to meet the power of the charger. If the power is too low, it is easy to generate heat. Spontaneous combustion, etc., so the selection needs to be selected according to the power of the charger. According to the power of the pure electric vehicle charger, the power of the home slow-charging charger matched with the car is basically about 3.5kw to 1.6kw. The capacity of the battery depends on the size of the battery. Taking the power of the charger as an example of about 3.3kw, the current household electrical sockets and wires can withstand a maximum power of about 3.5KW, according to the size of the copper core wire of the national standard. See, 2.5mm² is enough.
Of course, please consult professional technology for specific specifications. If you want to know or buy more information about charging cable products, please visit or consult:



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