DC charging cable for EV Mode 4

As we all know, electric vehicles rely on electricity to drive vehicles, just as fuel vehicles rely on gasoline for driving power. Therefore, after the electric vehicle has been used for a period of time, it is necessary to charge the battery without electricity. With the passage of time, the electric vehicle's power will be fully charged. During the charging process, it is divided into two types: AC charging and DC charging; simply speaking, it becomes "slow charging" and "fast charging".
The function of the electric vehicle charging cable is to connect the electric vehicle and the charging pile with the electric vehicle charging cable as the carrier, and the basic function is to transmit electric energy.
Grid-to-Vehicle EV solutions include Mode 4 DC EV cables for high-power DC charging installations typically above 50kW. This EV charging cable is rated for 1500VDC. The cable is manufactured according to IEC 62893 to meet the requirements of the internationally recognized standard for charging electric vehicles, IEC/EN 61851-1.
In cases where AC charging is required, for Mode 1 (domestic) Mode 2 and Mode 3 (public and commercial) charging units,
Mode 4 DC EV charging cables are the final link from the grid to the car. For EV charging unit connections we offer EV charging cables and for wider grid connections we offer a range of QA tested cables. Together, they provide an end-to-end solution for the EV charging cable market.
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