Continued push for new energy development

With the growth of electric vehicle sales and the expansion of the new energy vehicle industry sector, electric vehicle chargers and charging cables are expected to increase in the future.
As new energy electric vehicles become a brand new way of life for green travel, along with the electric vehicle charging posts and charging cables are the infrastructure to supplement the electric vehicles with electricity, there are also standard charging cables of AC and DC cables that become the carriers of the charging posts to transmit electricity.
In 2030 carbon peak achieve significant significance is to promote green low carbon transition, promote economic quality development and promote energy security supply. The former significance is first is to use about ten years to achieve the carbon peak, fundamentally change the situation of continuous growth of greenhouse gas emissions; the second is to crack the environmental constraints, improve the quality of the ecological environment, reduce reliance on high-carbon industries and fossil energy; and then is to establish the flag of green low-carbon development, showing the great power Dan. This will lead to international cooperation in various aspects such as climate governance.
Promote the energy production and consumption revolution and green way to meet the demand for energy and electricity and reduce the dependence of economic and social development on fossil energy; then to crack the energy supply constraint and improve the overall energy development; and finally to enhance the stability security sustainability of energy supply and improve the level of national energy security.
In achieving the goal, both to control emissions, but also to maintain growth, to achieve a reasonable transformation plan of new energy vehicles and traditional fuel vehicles.

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