Are all electric vehicle charging cables the same specifications?

Simply put, electric vehicle charging cables are suitable for specific power supply equipment to provide AC and DC power for electric vehicles and to charge electric vehicles. As AC and DC, it can be divided into fast charge and slow charge.
First of all, EV charging cables are used to charge electric vehicles. One end is connected to a charging pile or a household socket, and the other end is connected to an electric vehicle. There are many product applications and are used in various electric vehicles: pure electric vehicles, Electric-oil hybrid vehicles, electric buses, electric buses, electric buses, electric minibuses, extended-range electric vehicles and other large and medium-sized electric vehicles. Different specifications and models are suitable for different electric vehicles. Of course, charging piles can be found in expressway service areas, supermarkets, parking lots, etc.
The DC charging pile is a power supply device that is fixedly installed outside the electric vehicle and connected to the AC power grid, and can provide DC power for the off-board electric vehicle power battery. Fast charging requirements can be achieved.
AC charging pile cable, commonly known as "slow charging", is a power supply device that is fixedly installed outside the electric vehicle and connected to the AC power grid to provide DC power for off-board electric vehicles. Power Battery. It is suitable for families or electric vehicles with their own parking spaces. Compared with DC charging, the charging time will be longer.
To sum up, the difference between the two is the difference in power and cable current; of course, no matter what you choose, you will need a cable to charge your electric vehicle. Here is one of the earliest manufacturers to occupy the domestic cable market. Based on the corporate mission of "green innovation for the benefit of mankind", OMG EV cable has invested a lot of resources in the conduction of new energy electric vehicles since 2009. The independent research and development of such products has gradually formed a new form in the field of new energy electric vehicle charging.
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OMG cable manufacturer's new energy electric vehicle charging pile cable has UV resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, pressure resistance, wear resistance and bending properties.

It is used for electric vehicle charging piles and charging ports and charging control systems. Charging cables are generally used in charging stations, parking lots, hotels, communities, garages and other areas, and portable charging cables can be placed in the car.

Model specifications: LST 60000601Y 4*6 SQ, etc.
cable material
Conductor: Finely twisted oxygen-free bare copper wire, Insulation: TPE, Sheath: PUR
Cable characteristics
Temperature range: -40℃~ 125℃, rated voltage: 0.6V/1KV
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