What is "smart" charging for electric vehicles

Smart charging refers to a charging system that provides a shared data connection between the electric vehicle, the charging station and the user. Smart charging allows monitoring, managing and limiting energy consumption, thus optimizing energy consumption in terms of cost and usability.
According to news reports, the benefits of smart charging are so prevalent that a revision by a professional body has resulted in smart chargers only being eligible for it. Along with user benefits such as reduced operating costs, scheduled off-peak rate usage and avoidance of annoying trips through load management, smart charging is now most often installed.
However, while smart charging offers inherent benefits, it does pose installation problems for electricians.
While some chargers have adopted Wi-Fi connectivity to establish data connections, many charger manufacturers have identified Wi-Fi-related issues (such as range and signal loss due to construction) and have chosen to use "hardwired" data connections to improve reliability and user experience.
This means that electricians typically need to install two cables: one for power and one for data. This, of course, results in more work, longer installation times, more inventory, and often having to route both cables through difficult routes into the building.
In this area of charging cables, more cable manufacturers' R&D teams are identifying problems so that electric vehicle charging cables can be better improved and give users an enhanced experience.
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Most commonly used charging cable specifications
16A charger
32A EV charger extension cable EV charging station J1772 cable

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