High-voltage system connection cable requirements for electric vehicles

In the automotive industry, high voltage refers to DC voltages above 60V, at which level the need for contact protection is mandatory. I believe everyone knows that automotive high-voltage cables are the carrier of power transmission that connects automotive high-voltage system equipment, and is very important for product performance requirements.
Among them, electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers are available in the market with voltages ranging from 24V to 72V, depending on the power and acceleration requirements of the vehicle. However, for 2W and 3W vehicles, voltages not exceeding 60V are preferred to keep the certification process simpler and less expensive. 48V systems are best suited for 2W and 3W electric vehicles, and vehicles like the Mahindra Treo and Ather 450 fall into this category.
For 4W electric vehicles, the voltage range is generally between 300 and 500V. Of course, there will be electric buses using 800V to 1200V in various regions. For more information about EV cable: https://www.omgevcable.com


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