NFT Patent and NFT Patent License

Blockchain technology provides creators and inventors with fantastic opportunities to market and monetize their intellectual property. At the same time, the author of the patent can sell the copyright for the patent to the buyer or limit himself to selling the license for the patent in the form of an NFT, while retaining the copyright.
  We want to create a community of NFT patent enthusiasts that authors, inventors, patent attorneys, buyers and investors can join. We invite you to discuss this incredible opportunity, which is at the very beginning of its development. This can be compared to the advent of Bitcoin. Would you like to be in 2009 and buy 1000 BTC at $0.003?
Hi guys
If we talk about this platform, the goal here is to buy or sell the NFT. Yes, there are some outstanding talents who can create masterpieces of digital art. But many mistakenly believe that they can make money from their often amateur works. And I urge these guys to soberly assess their artistic capabilities and look at the possibilities of the NFT more broadly, for example, to find an author in the form of an interesting NFT Book or NFT Technology Patent, where you can make really good money on partnership terms. Who is interested, write reviews. Thank you.


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