AZO Transparent Conductive Coating Line

AZO Transparent Conductive Coating Line


Brief introduction:
The horizontal/vertical continuous magnetron sputtering AZO film coating line designed to be composed of 7 chambers, i.e. input chamber, fore-buffering transition chamber, fore-transmission chamber, Sputtering deposition chamber, post-transmission chamber, post buffering transition chamber, output chamber respectively. Two pairs of MF Si twin targets under PUC04 closed loop control to produce high-quality SiO2 isolated layer. Equipped with 10 pairs of AZO rotary target to realize high-quality AZO transparent conductive film, the machine line designed for substrate glass dimension 1100mm in width, 1400mm in length with production cycle optimized to 100-180 seconds. Furthermore, with turbo-pump group equipped for effective gas isolation in design, it obtains highly efficient isolation from contamination, stable pumping velocity and uniform distribution of operation gas

Technical data and features:
1), Equipment structure: horizontal or vertical type continuous magnetron sputtering coating line. 
2), Substrate glass dimension: 1100mm×1400mm×3mm;
3), Design required of deposition uniformity: in area of effective deposit, the uniformity of film thickness ±5%;
4), Cathode structure: by use of MF twin rotary cathode with dimension 135mm×1400mm;
5), Driving mode; by use of double friction driving horizontal loader to carry substrate glass panel;
6), Deposition technology: adopting ZnO doped Al ceramic target by reactive sputtering deposition technology;
7), Electric control system: It can realize full communications by operator to machine and necessary intervention to production process with alarm system and error display functions that help operators to run the machine in good order and remove troubles. 
8), Temperature control: Stainless steel armoured heating device equipped is able to realize max. temperature 350 degrees centigrade, adjustable within the range from ordinary temperature to 400 degrees centigrade with stability±5 degrees centigrade;

9), Main technical parameters 
1), Maximum vacuum pressure: 6×10E-4Pa 
2), Average process cycle: 80-180 seconds/frame. 
3), Substrate dimension: 1100×1400(mm) (can be designed as per requirement). 
4), Deposition uniformity: ±5%.

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