QuietKat FatKat 1000 W Electric Fat Tire Mountain Bike, Black, 20"/One Size

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1900 $
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We believe cycling is the optimal way to get around town - It's eco-friendly and good for your health. Whether you're a first-time rider or a seasoned pro, you'll find expert service...

Адрес: США, 95008, Campbell, , 402 East Hamilton Ave
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Компания: Wheel Away Cycle Center
Цена: 1900 $
Город: Campbell, California
Категория: Транспортные средства

About the product

Five levels of assisted pedal power with full throttle capabilities

Suspension fork; seven gears and hydraulic disc brakes; 4.5-Inch-wide knobby tires grip difficult terrain

Digital display provides information on battery levels; speed; distance traveled and power control

Adjustable seat to accommodate various-sized riders

20-Mile range on a 48-volt Lithium Ion battery, which recharges in six hours

Product Description

QuietKat’s low-speed electric vehicles and fat-tire mountain bikes are engineered for off-road travel to provide portable, stealthy and powerful transportation. Lithium batteries supply clean and consistent power to silent yet commanding motors for navigation over all types of riding landscapes.

FatKat Fat-Tire Electric Mountain Bike

The FatKat’s 48-volt lithium-ion battery powers the mid-drive motor, which has five power levels and can be operated without pedaling with a thumb throttle. The rider can shift through seven gears for various speeds and elevations. Disc brakes provide great stopping power in all kinds of conditions.

QuietKat Three-wheeled Low-Speed Electric Vehicles

The QuietKat is used in the field by hunters, ranchers, and security officials. It provides reliable, lightweight transportation for those with mobility issues to enjoy the great outdoors or get around town. The three-wheeled design incorporates a silent, sealed and commanding direct drive hub motor.

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