Wallerang M.01 Electric Bicycle - Medium

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1800 $
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We believe cycling is the optimal way to get around town - It's eco-friendly and good for your health. Whether you're a first-time rider or a seasoned pro, you'll find expert service...

Адрес: США, 95008, Campbell, , 402 East Hamilton Ave
E-mail адрес:
Компания: Wheel Away Cycle Center
Артикул: WALLERANG M.01
Цена: 1800 $
Город: Campbell, California
Категория: Транспортные средства

High quality, long lasting lithium-ion battery pack. Weighs 2.6kg. High 418Wh capacity (36V, 11.6Ah). 1000 charge cycles without significant power loss. Charges in four hours.

The heart of Steps – a lightweight, compact, smooth and silent drive unit. Weighs just 3.2kg. Intelligent power assistance gives an easy, natural feeling.

The STEPS Switch with three easy to click buttons in combination with the Di2 Internal gear hub provide fast, easy and smooth electronic shifting, with fully automatic option.

Compact design cycle computer. Features standard bike computer functions with gear, range and battery indication. Multiple mounting options, with different angles and positions.

Product description

Wallerang combines Scandinavian Design with all the benefits of a durable e-bike system. The very best of two worlds for your everyday travels.

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