Cipollini RB800 road bike

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We believe cycling is the optimal way to get around town - It's eco-friendly and good for your health. Whether you're a first-time rider or a seasoned pro, you'll find expert service...

Адрес: США, 95008, Campbell, , 402 East Hamilton Ave
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Компания: Wheel Away Cycle Center
Цена: 5500 $
Город: Campbell, California
Категория: Транспортные средства

Cipollini entire brand ethos revolves around intense passion, hunger and a never-ending desire to theorise and build towards the pinnacle of fast and Furious cycling. The name 'Cipollini' comes from the legendary cyclist Mario Cipollini, whose flair and showmanship, in tandem with his success, made him a firm favorite among fans of professional cycling around the world. It's this flair which is at the heart of the Cipollini production process, and the spirit of 'super Mario' is evident in each Cipollini product. Crafted in Italy by proven technicians, the Cipollini process is guided by two ever present elements - strict quality control and utilizing hyper technology to push the boundaries of cycling components. Cipollini road bike frame sets represent an absolute 'must-have' in terms of high-end road bike components. Designed and manufactured by Cipollini, a brand eponymous with legendary Italian cyclist, Mario 'super Mario' Cipollini, a rider known for his incredible sprinting ability, Cipollini road bike frames have professional cyclists and time trialists in mind. Cipollini premier collection of road bike frames can help shave seconds off your time as you consistently push the limits of what you previously thought your body was capable of. Made monocoque frame material carb. T1000.m46j fork material carb. T1000 frame height size m not painted - 970 gr. Bottom bracket BB386 (86,5x46mm) sizes XS - s - m - L - XL - XXL.

Technical Details

Color Orange Fluo

Frame Material Type Carbon

Package Height 12.5 x 35.5 x 38 inches

Shipping Weight 30 pounds

Size 53.7 cm / Small

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