Stainless steel doctors locker

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Shanghai hong biao is a professional sales of all kinds of medical supplies and hospital furniture cabinets, multi-functional electric nursing bed, multi-functional manual nursing bed, baby care bed,...

Адрес: Китай, 201805, shanghai, , 3799, Baoan Road, Jiading Industrial Zone
Телефон: +0(216) 995-1810
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Компания: Shanghai Hongbiao Equipment Co.,Ltd
Цена: 1 $
Город: shanghai
Категория: Мебель и предметы обихода

Doctor locker, medical locker, hospital cabinets, hospital furniture, stainless steel locker, storage wardrobe, wardrobe,Stainless steel doctors locker,

Materials: stainless steel and other materials

With hangers

It can make any furnitures according to your requirement, drawing and sample.

If any demand, welcome to contact us freely.

Specification: 950x400x1800mm

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