Conventional high-voltage cable treatment

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At present, the high voltage cable on the market has a discharge distance. If you are close to the discharge distance of the high voltage line, you will be injured by electricity. So you must stay away from the high voltage line and ensure that you are outside the safe distance within the discharge distance of the high voltage line to ensure personal safety. You must not be electrocuted, injured or injured by electricity, and there will be unnecessary property risks. So you must stay away from the high voltage line.

Cables should be properly handled under the condition of taking protective measures and ensuring safety. Avoid other accidents. Among them, the safety high-voltage connector is used to terminate the coaxial cable with a specific type of RF connector, which has additional insulation for handling the high-voltage connection. The engineers also introduced other functions, such as the function of connecting the high-voltage contact before the grounding contact, in order to provide additional security for these types of connections.

Safe high-voltage connectors may also have functions such as solid metal supports for panel or wall mounting. The connector may have double-ended terminals or open wire leads at one end. Manufacturers usually provide "fit" information to determine the compatibility between coaxial cable connections and how these connectors are designed to fit specific hardware systems.

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