Performance introduction of power cables used in rolling stock

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This paper introduces the use requirements, structural analysis, technical characteristics, manufacturing process, and difference comparison of test items of 30kV single-phase power cables for vehicles. The actual service life of this product still needs to be verified, and the research and development of cable accessories needs to be further increased.

Use requirements: 30kV single-phase power cable for rolling stock is mainly used for connecting pantograph, main circuit breaker, traction transformer and other high-voltage equipment inside and outside the rolling stock to transmit electric energy for the electric traction device of rolling stock. The cable shall be used in a harsh environment with environmental protection, high safety, oil resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, ozone resistance, humidity resistance, sunlight resistance, impact resistance, high temperature resistance and other characteristics.

Structural analysis: for example, according to 95mm ² According to the cable sample, the technical characteristics of the cable are roughly as follows:

Insulation thickness:

The nominal insulation thickness of 30kV conventional high-voltage cable is 10.5, and the nominal thickness of this product is 8.0mm. The insulation thickness is reduced, the high voltage resistance is slightly improved, and the requirements for insulation material performance and processing level are higher.

When transmitting alternating current, the capacitance is proportional to the length and inversely proportional to the insulation thickness. The insulation thickness is reduced, and the capacitance between the core wire and the shielding layer is increased. Too large capacitance will affect the safe operation of rolling stock. Pay attention to limit the maximum capacitance of the product.

Metal shield:

The bundle shielding adopts 0.6mm tinned copper wire, with 102 pieces; The bundle shielding monofilament is very thin and has a large number, which requires high processing capacity of the equipment.

Therefore, the existing copper wire and copper tape shielding machine has been revamped: check the tension of the paying-off device with a tensiometer and adjust it uniformly to avoid the inconsistent stress of the shielding single wire during paying-off; At the same time, check the resistance of the pulley through the wire hole, replace the one with excessive resistance, reduce the friction of the single wire, and avoid the thinning of the shielded single wire, which will cause the section to become smaller.

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