The need for 90m and 100m specifications for charging pile cables

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Notes on the electric vehicle charging device.

1, the electric car charging device is good or bad directly affects the car range and battery life, so in the selection is best to choose the original factory equipped charging pile, if you need a sub-factory charging pile also try to choose the big brand manufacturers to install, in quality can get some protection.

2, the installation of charging piles to take full account of environmental factors, in order to easy, do not affect the other people premise. And before the installation of electric car charging pile, to seek the consent of the property.

3. Consider the matching between the charging pile and the vehicle when installing the charging pile. If the voltage of the charging post is too large, it may damage the car's battery. If the voltage of the charging post is too small, it may have an impact on the charging efficiency.

Generally speaking, a 7kw charging post needs a 10 square cable. If it is a bv wire, only 2.5 square is needed. Also don't connect it in parallel with the high power appliances at home in a circuit at the same time.

However, 7kw charging post 100 meters with 4 square mm copper core cable

Charging pile is now a very common energy replenishment device, but there are still very many people who do not know how many square meters of wire are needed to install a charging pile. After all, the thickness of the harness of the charging pile cannot be unified, but is mainly determined by the storage capacity of the charging pile and the voltage that the harness withstands when circulating electricity. So how big is the cable for a 7kw charging post?

There are single-phase and three-phase charging piles, but whether single-phase or two-phase, the first thing to do is to convert to how large the AC incoming current.

Rather than choosing an off-the-shelf cable, contact a design expert to ensure your cable solution meets all your expectations. Please visit:

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