High-power programmable DC charging cable

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The new energy DC cable is the power cable used in the DC transmission and distribution system. The structure of the DC cable is basically the same as that of the AC cable in addition to the electrical characteristics of the operation. It is mainly used in the fast charging of new energy vehicles, electric vehicles, and service areas. Comprehensive billing, security protection and other functions.

The DC transmission and distribution system usually operates with two wires (positive and negative), so the DC cable is generally single-core cable. Because the conductor of DC cable has no skin effect and proximity effect, even if it carries large current, it does not need to use complex segmented conductor structure. The insulation of DC cable can be the same as that of oil-immersed paper insulated cable, solid extruded polymer cable, self-contained oil-filled cable and gas-filled cable. Since the armor layer is not affected by conductor current, it is not necessary to consider the loss of the armor layer and measures to reduce the resistivity of the armor layer.

High use safety of DC cable: due to the inherent characteristics of DC transmission, it is difficult to generate induced current and leakage current, and it will not produce electric field interference to other cables laid in the same way. Single-core cable will not affect the cable transmission performance due to the hysteresis loss of the steel structure bridge. It has higher current interception capacity and over-wear protection capacity than DC cables of the same structure. The DC and AC electric fields of the same voltage are applied to the insulation, and the DC electric field is much safer than the AC electric field. Compared with the price, the DC current is lower than the AC cable, and the installation and maintenance are simple.

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