Evolution of ISO High Voltage Copper Cable Standard

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On hybrid/electric vehicles, the high-voltage electrical system is mainly responsible for starting, driving, charging and discharging, air conditioning power, etc. It mainly includes battery system, power assembly, high-voltage electric control system, charging system, high-voltage equipment and its harness system. The high-voltage line of electric vehicle is used to connect the charging port with the battery, the inside of the battery, the battery and the engine, other components, battery energy storage equipment and other fields, as the carrier of power transmission. Due to the harsh application environment in the vehicle, the high-voltage cables of electric vehicles have very high performance requirements.

Application characteristics of cables for electric vehicles: due to small wiring space in the vehicle, large current and high voltage, poor heat dissipation in high and low temperature environment, and bad driving environment; Cables shall have environmental protection and safety requirements such as salt spray, electromagnetic field, oil stain, chemicals, low smoke, halogen-free flame retardant, etc.

Common specification and model: 2.5mm ²--- 70mm ² and other

Features: thermosetting materials, high and low temperature resistance, softness, acid and alkali resistance, shielding structure, tear resistance, smoothness, bending radius of less than 5D; Oil resistance, water resistance, abrasion resistance and UV resistance; Good flame retardancy; Good conductivity, all materials meet RoHS2.0 environmental protection standards.

More information about high-voltage cables used in cars: https://www.omgevcable.com/ev-cables/ev-high-voltage-cables.html

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