Characterization and optimization of high-voltage cables for electric vehicles

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A prerequisite for a good design is an understanding of the basic conditions, such as the ambient temperature and cable load that must first be determined.

Generally large cross-section high voltage cables have a large inertia in terms of temperature variations, so that current spikes in vehicle acceleration or deceleration do not result in a large conductor temperature impact.

Allowing sometimes short-term temperature spikes even above the cable temperature rating defined above, the ability of high-voltage cables to handle these spikes is usually defined by the thermal overload performance. Thus, cables do not need to be designed for higher operating temperature ratings and there is no need to use cables that exceed the specified operating temperature.

It has been shown experimentally that specific high-voltage cables can often be tailored for specific applications by optimizing cross-section, temperature requirements, flexibility and shielding effects. Weight and cost savings can be achieved, oversizing and excessive components can be avoided. Perfectly complex designs and the use of high quality materials will result in expensive cable costs.

Optimization of cross-sectional area and temperature rating:

The selection of cables is mostly based on the ambient temperature and the indicators of the transmitted current. In this regard, the most important characteristics are the "cable cross section" and the "thermal class of the material used in the cable".

Optimization of the flexibility and shielding effect.

The appearance of the cable design as well as the internal core effect, the design of the most suitable cable for the application: By different conductor sizes may lead to increased costs and weight, larger outer diameter. Of course, consideration of the highest possible load currents and ambient temperatures will lead to the use of cables with large cross-sections and high temperature resistant materials such as organofluorine or silicone materials. However, manufacturers have developed cable standards through materials such as PVC or XLPE.

Determining the relationship between current and load ambient temperature makes sense from a technical and economic point of view. The dynamic current peaks of a real drive cycle should be considered, allowing a reasonable definition of the worst-case load current and peak current.

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