TUV Certified EV DC Charging Cable for Charging Mode 4

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Guangdong OMG Conduction Technology Co., Ltd., основанная в 2006 году, является высокотехнологичным предприятием, объединяющим исследования и разработки, производство, продажи и обслуживание. OMG...

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With the rapid development of electric vehicles, ordinary charging lines have been unable to meet the needs of users for fast charging, so DC fast charging piles and fast charging lines have emerged. Now the charging modes are roughly divided into four categories. Among them, the charging mode The combination of 4 is charging gun + cable + DC charging pile, in which the cable is the carrier connecting the body socket and the charging pile, and its importance is self-evident. Now let's see what's so special about the DC charging cables made by OMG.

1. Product structure

1.Conductor Material: Bare Copper

2.Insulation Material: EVI-2

Insulation Color: Yellow/Green, Blue, Brown, Black, Gray

3.Filler Material: PP or cotton yarn

4.Tape Material: Non-woven fabric

5.Sheath Material: TPU

Sheath Color:Any color

2. Product Features

Rated temperature: -40℃~90℃

Rated Voltage: DC1500V

Flame Test:Testing method according to EN60332-1-2

Bending Radius:≥6*OD

Dielectric Voltage: 2.5kVAC for main core, 2.0kV AC for CC/CP

Low temperature impact:-40℃No cracks

Hot Shock: 150℃/1h No cracks

Oil Resistance:IRM 902 100℃168h Tensile Strength Variation<±40%,

Elongation Variation<±30%

Crush resistance:Sq≤4crush force ≥4KN;4≤Sq≤35 crush force≥11KN

Resistance to Acid and alkali:168hTensile Strength Variation≤30% Elongation ≥100%

Environmental Requirements:Compliant with RoHS2.0 and REACH

OMG has the strength to develop, produce and sell electric vehicle charging cables and electric vehicle high-voltage cables, as well as liquid-cooled high-power DC charging cables. It has successively obtained IATF16949, TUV certification, China CQC certification, China DEKRA certification, IEC62893 certification, EN50620 certification, UL62 and JCS4522 certification. Welcome to consult and negotiate. For more product information, please visit OMG's official website: https://www.omgevcable.com/

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