Technical structure of high-voltage cable used in electric buses

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The basic formation structure of vehicle mounted high-voltage cable is composed of copper conductor, insulating material, filler, tape and twisted pair, and the outer surface is wrapped by sheath.

Electric buses are mainly used for convenient transportation, urban public transport, intercity transportation, long-distance tourism, and collective outing organized by units.

The so-called electric bus refers to pure electric bus, which uses electric energy to drive. Such products have low noise, high driving stability and zero emissions. Although electric vehicle itself has no emission pollution, its indirect pollution can not be ignored. For example, the lead in lead-acid batteries will pollute the environment from mining, smelting to production. For another example, a considerable part of the electricity used comes from thermal power generation, and coal fuel will also cause air pollution

The voltage of electric vehicle is generally 336V, 384V; The electric bus is generally 580-600V. The higher the bus voltage is, the wider the speed range of the constant power motor is.

Similarly, the long-term allowable working temperature of the cable of the road vehicle (electric bus) harness shall not exceed 125 ℃. If the standard ambient temperature is exceeded, the method of increasing the cross-sectional area of the cable shall be adopted to meet the environmental temperature requirements. Of course, beyond that. The high voltage harness of the whole vehicle (bus) also needs the tests of voltage resistance, insulation resistance, salt spray requirements, flame retardant requirements and harness tensile force requirements of other projects.

Corresponding preparations shall also be made for the design layout of the high-voltage harness of the whole vehicle. The main design scheme of the high-voltage harness of the vehicle involves the harness routing design, wire diameter design, high-voltage connector selection, charging port type and application, shielding design, high-voltage harness fixing clip selection, high-voltage trunking design, high-voltage interlocking HVIL design, etc. In the design of high-voltage system, considering the electromagnetic interference, the entire high-voltage system is completely covered by the shielding layer.

At present, all domestic models use shielded high-voltage lines. Japanese cars also use shielding mesh to cover the outside of high-voltage lines, and the plug-in units are processed to achieve shielding connection. At the same time, because the high voltage has exceeded the safety voltage of the human body, the body cannot be used as the grounding point of the whole vehicle like the low voltage system. Therefore, in the design of the high voltage harness system, the DC high voltage circuit must strictly implement the dual rail system.

According to the characteristics of the high-voltage harness, we generally divide the high-voltage harness with the high-voltage apparatus as the center, which can be divided into motor high-voltage wire, battery high-voltage wire, charging high-voltage wire, etc. The high-voltage line of the motor is generally the high-voltage line connecting the controller and the motor; The high-voltage line of the battery is generally the high-voltage line connecting the controller and the battery; The charging high-voltage line is generally the high-voltage line connecting the charger and the battery.

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