Meaning and requirements of electric vehicle connection mode

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There are 4 different charging modes for electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles are a fast growing market. More and more electric vehicles occupy our streets, so the electric vehicle charging infrastructure is also expanding. In addition, the charging speed option has a higher mode number.

Mode 1: Mode 1 (Schuko mode) refers to a household socket that uses a simple extension cord for charging without any safety device. This model is very unpopular. Volkswagen manufacturers no longer use it because leaders are always alive. Mode 1 is dangerous, and the battery charging speed is slow (from 0 to 100%, nearly 40-60 hours).

Mode 2:

Mode 2 is also called portable electric vehicle charger. This mode supports charging from Schuko and CEE sockets. The built-in charger in the vehicle converts AC * to DC * * and controls battery charging. In addition, we can plug this electric vehicle charging mode lead into a standard socket (usually 15A-16A), which takes 14-16 hours to fully charge the battery. It depends on the size of the battery.

Mode 3:

It is a fixed point AC charger for residential or light commercial use. This mode 3 can be used in two ways. For example, the charging cable can be directly connected to the charging unit or it can be a detachable cable that you can carry in the vehicle and then insert into the charging unit. With Mode 3, the battery will charge in 4-9 hours.

Mode 4 fixed-point DC charger. In other words, "fast charger" mode 4 is the fastest way to charge the electric vehicle. Fast charging stations are very expensive, which is why they are often public. It is not approved by all electric vehicles. This mode can charge the car to 80% within 1 hour.

In a word, we can say that the fastest way to charge our electric vehicles is to use Mode 4 (DC supercharger). However, in our future, we will see more and more different charging modes for electric vehicles, such as wireless charging, which will further shorten our charging time.

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