Charging connector: select the charging cable with appropriate specification

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As new energy vehicles are in a new stage of development, the industry will continue to strengthen the promotion and use of new energy electric vehicles in terms of market and policies, which will further increase the structural transformation of the traditional fuel vehicle industry. Subsequently, the charging piles of new energy electric vehicles have been further popularized, and the charging pile cables have also become the norm of social attention.

Charging pile cables include DC charging cables and AC charging cables, which have the following characteristics compared with each other:

First of all, the systems used are different. The DC cable is used in the rectified DC transmission system, and the AC cable is commonly used in the power system with power frequency.

Secondly, compared with AC cable, DC cable has less power loss during transmission. The power loss of the DC cable is mainly the DC resistance loss of the conductor, and the insulation loss is small (the magnitude depends on the current fluctuation after rectification); The AC resistance of the low-voltage AC cable is slightly larger than the DC resistance, while that of the high-voltage cable is very obvious, mainly because of the proximity effect (proximity effect refers to the phenomenon that the AC current approaches the adjacent conductor in the two conductors of two-wire transmission. The higher the frequency and magnetic permeability, the smaller the resistance coefficient, the more obvious this phenomenon is;) And skin effect (skin effect refers to skin effect. When an alternating current passes through a conductor, the current will concentrate on the surface of the conductor. This phenomenon is called skin effect. When the current or voltage is conducted in the conductor by electrons with high frequency, it will concentrate on the surface of the total conductor rather than evenly distributed in the cross-sectional area of the whole conductor.), The loss of insulation resistance accounts for a large proportion, mainly due to the impedance generated by capacitance and inductance.

Thirdly, the transmission efficiency of DC cable is high, and DC transmission has characteristics, which is difficult to generate induced current and leakage current, and will not generate electric field interference to other cables laid in the same way; Moreover, the installation and maintenance are simple. The use cost of DC cable is much lower than that of AC cable. The DC cable has positive and negative poles, and the structure is simple; Small line loss; It is convenient to adjust the current and change the power transmission direction. The AC cable is three-phase four wire or five wire system, with high insulation safety requirements, complex structure and higher cable cost than the DC cable.

In addition, the charging pile is composed of a charging cable and a charging interface (charging gun head). It is divided into a DC charging interface and an AC charging interface. Its characteristics are as follows: the DC charging interface has excellent water resistance and high protection level, and the stainless steel socket is resistant to stamping and abrasion; The product is designed with small volume, beautiful appearance and convenient installation; Safety head insulation terminal design to prevent direct contact with personnel; The locking clamp of the charging gun head is anti loose, and the connection is stable and reliable; Cold riveted crimping terminal with good conductivity;

The characteristics of AC charging interface are applicable to Europe and relevant standards; The safety head is also designed with insulated terminals to prevent contact with workers; Flame retardant materials with high reliability are adopted, with high pressure, wear resistance, impact resistance and hydrolysis resistance. With the charging cable and charging interface, together with the power output, a charging pile for new energy electric vehicles is formed. The rise of charging piles helps the sustainable development of new energy vehicles in the international industry.

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