AAK solved the supplement of hydraulic flow valve within a week, which helped Berge keep his job

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9 months ago, we received an email from an old customer in the UK, informing that Berge had transferred from the quality control department to the import department. We could see from the email of the young man's self-introduction that he was full of confidence in procurement. Unfortunately, the first hydraulic valve order went wrong. A batch of orders for hydraulic flow valves shipped from a hydraulic valve manufacturer in Ningbo had no problem when tested before leaving the factory. However, when the goods were delivered to customers, the company received a series of quality complaints from consumers in only 1 month, and nearly 20% of the hydraulic flow valves had leakage. The boss was not very happy, and requested Berge to solve the guest's complaints within 1 week.

Berge had discussed with the original hydraulic valve manufacturer several times, but it has not been effectively solved, and he even wanted to resign. Shawn, a former old purchaser, felt his frustration and reminded him to communicate with AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE to see if it could be solved.

We received Berge's email with product drawings, pictures and test data of the defective hydraulic flow valves. We preliminarily judged that there was a problem with the valve spool. In order to solve the problem at one time, Berge asked his hydraulic valve manufacturer to send 5 samples of defective hydraulic flow valves to AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE for thorough inspection.

After receiving the hydraulic flow valve samples, frankly speaking, the main line type of the hydraulic flow valve was acceptable. The problem was that the valve spool deviated from the central axis, resulting in leakage. Of the 5 hydraulic flow valve samples sent, two were in this situation, and the other three were of acceptable quality. This proved what we said before that it was difficult to 100% ensure that the valve spool did not deviate from the central axis due to human error, which was a hidden problem among peers. I suggested him to replenish 40% hydraulic flow valves to their customer within 30 days. If the customer could accept this suggestion, we would give priority to the production of these replenished hydraulic flow valves.

A week later, Berge informed by email that his boss had agreed to the plan and his customer could accept only 20% replenishment. They just repeatedly stressed that the replenishment of the hydraulic flow valve could not have any quality problems.

AAK realized a few years ago that the hydraulic flow valve produced by CNC lathe has high requirements for operators and is prone to human errors, resulting in the deviation of valve spool from the central axis. On the production equipment, AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE have imported the Swiss machine tool with the highest precision to make up for the short board of CNC lathe. At present, less than 10% of the peers have this equipment. It can replace 7 groups of accessories at random. The high-pressure hydraulic flow valve produced by Swiss equipment has high precision, which is at least 20% higher than that of domestic conventional CNC lathe. Not only the precision is high, but also the stability is guaranteed.

Last week, we received Berge's good news email. The customer was very satisfied with the replenishment of the hydraulic flow valve, and the boss was also very happy. Berge also joked with us that it was thanks to us AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE, otherwise he would have changed his job.

AAK hydraulic flow valve, our old customers have been purchasing because of trust. You can also have a try.

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