Aluminum foil glass fiber cloth, High strength and good flexibility, High working temperature, Thermal insulation, Color silver, 115 g/m2

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Aluminum foil cloth is composed of conductive cloth and thermosol. The special flame retardant adhesives are used to form a compact film. The surface of the composite aluminum foil is smooth, with high light reflectivity, high longitudinal and transverse tensile strength, air-tight, water-tight and good sealing performance. Mainly used for heat preservation materials of cooling and heating equipment pipes and noise insulation materials of buildings. It is suitable for humidity, fog and anti-corrosion packaging materials of export equipment, as well as for the protection and bandaging of petroleum pipelines, steam pipes and other chemical equipment. It plays the role of flame retardant, anti-corrosion and heat insulation.


1. High strength and good flexibility

2. High working temperature

3. Outstanding heat reflextion


1. Used as the protective layer of super glass wool with excellent functions of fire-resistance, anti-corrosion, heat isolation and heat protection and sound absorption, sound-proof materials in construction.

2. Used as the thermal insulation material on heat supply pipes after laminate glass wool, rock wool, PU foam and other insulation to protect them against vapor moisture.

3. Used as the export equipment packing materials for moisture barrier, water-proof, fire-retarding and anti-corrosion. Heat sealing aluminum foil facing also used as a water vapor barrier in air condition ductworks and Hot & cold room.

4. Used as Packing chemical equipments such as oil and steam transportation pipeline and the steam pipelines in the petrochemical industry.

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